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Distance Learning Plan June 8-10th


Awesome Job 4th Graders! Way to finish strong. I'm so proud of each of you!


Monday 8th

Tuesday 9th

Wednesday 10th

Thursday 11th


  • Math Bluebook pages 65-66 on Symmetry
  • Math Bluebook pages 51-52 on Perimeter and Area ***do this before the live meeting!

Class Meeting Live

at 9:00 am!!!!!

Happy Summer Break

5th Graders!

Summer: Do Dreambox and/or Khan Academy at least twice a week.






  • Memory Book
  • Lexia 30 min
  • Play a Board/Card Game with someone in your home
  • Finish Digital Memory Book
  • Lexia 30 min
  • Choose one page of your Memory Book to screen share during the live meeting (optional)


  • Reading and Writing Skills: do the Unit 9 and 10 Benchmark Readers and complete the writing assignments on pages 11, 21, and 31 of each.
  • Complete any unfinished Lexia levels so you finish at least level 16.
  • Mystery Science Video
  • Mystery Science Video
  Summer: Complete any unfinished Science Study Guide pages for Chapters 5-8. Use the soft cover science book with the black bear for support.  
Social Studies:
  • Read one of the Social Studies Books assigned in Epic
  • Read one of the Social Studies Books assigned in Epic
  Summer: Reread any of the Unit 1-5 in your our CA book and write down the main and idea and details of each. Complete the before and after study guide pages at the beginning and end of each unit.  
Art:       Summer: Find a large poster board and glue all of your CA artwork into the poster.  


(do what
you can)
  • Dreambox
  • Epic
  • Khan Academy
  • Mega Math 
  • Lexia

Summer: Practice your typing and word processing skills at

Other Summer Suggested Activities:

PE: Be active for about 20 minutes daily:

Live Video


Monday at 10:00 am

  1. Go over Weekly Plan
  2. Correct Math 61-64
  3. By the Great Horn Spoon

Tuesday at 10:00 am

  1. Correct Math 65-66, 51-52 
  2. Finish By the Great Horn Spoon
  3. Answer questions

Wednesday at 9:00 am ***** early

  1. Share Memory Books
  2. End of Year Awards
  3. Surprise Activity