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News from Room 11                         February 14, 2020

Second Trimester ends March 6 and report cards go home Friday, March 13.

Friday, March 6 is a minimum day. We get out at 1:25.

Language Arts-Our new unit, “Advancements in Technology” is very interesting. Our biography project and presentation is due at the end of March.

Math- Unit 4 is Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction. Students will be able to use place value drawings to add and subtract whole numbers, explore different methods to add and subtract, round to the nearest 10 or 100.

The unit 3 math test proficiency report is in the folder. The biggest issue on the test, was students not reading the questions carefully. The test was like the practice test, but they changed one of the questions so that students had to think about what they were asking. With common core standards, students have to assess and think critically to answer the questions.

Writing- Students are getting practice in writing across the curriculum. Even in math they must explain their thinking in words, which shows a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Completing work and checking that they have answered all questions is important for students. Work gets turned in and it is not done or finished. I no longer give it back to them to finish, since they have been reminded repeatedly to check their work.

Biography Project- Students have been reading their biography book for 2 weeks. They should have taken notes and filled out their outline in the packet. The project is broken down into easy tasks that are due each week. We talk about it in class, and I have given them time to work on it in class. Parents should have signed the packet. The intro paragraph was due today.