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3/21/23: Power and Phone issue at Parkmont
Posted 3/21/23

Phones and internet may be impacted. Check back for updates.

Current Status (newest on top)

3/21/23 5:12pm: power and phone continuing outage at Parkmont

3/21/23 4:30pm: restored power and phone at Patterson and Maloney

3/21/23 4:18pm: power and phone continuing outage at Maloney, Parkmont and Patterson

3/21/23 3:45pm: restored power and phone at Cabrillo, Durham and Thornton

3/21/23 3:00pm: power and phone continuing outage at Cabrillo, Durham, Maloney, Parkmont, Patterson and Thornton

3/21/23 2:00pm: restored power and phone at Ardenwood and Warwick

3/21/23 1:49pm: phones down at Warwick, Thornton, Parkmont, Cabrillo, Ardenwood, Maloney, Durham and Patterson

3/21/23 1:59pm: power off Thornton, Cabrillo, Ardenwood, Maloney and Patterson